Solve the problem of tool chipping in CNC machining center

Abnormal blade chipping and cutting are the most troublesome problems of CNC machining center tools, which will cause a series of problems such as increased processing costs, scrap or rework of workpieces, and low processing power. Especially for high-priced blades, chipping or chipping will cause a lot of damage, so it is very important to choose the right blade and use it well.


(1) Improper selection of tool geometry parameters (such as excessive front and rear angles, etc.).




You can start planning the tool from scratch from the following aspects.


① Properly reduce the front and rear angles.


② Choose a larger negative blade inclination.


③ Reduce the entering angle.


④ Choose a larger negative chamfer or cutting edge arc.


⑤ Sharpen the transition cutting edge to enhance the tool tip.


(2) Inappropriate selection of the blade brand and standard, such as the blade thickness is too thin or the brand is too hard and brittle when roughing.




Increase the thickness of the blade or install the blade upright, and choose a trademark with higher bending strength and resistance.